Conflict between Govt and terrorists continues in Yemen

“The ongoing conflict in Saada has forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes at great risks to their lives and well-being,” said Ann Veneman of the United Nations Children’s Fund. “Children and women represent the majority of the displaced.”

The conflict could draw regional players into fray.

As the government has struggled to contain the north, Al Qaeda is benefiting from the chaos, observers say. A new report on Al Qaeda in Yemen from the Middle East Institute in Moscow warns that Yemen has become a strategic hub for Al Qaeda, reports the Yemen Post. The terrorist organization has strengthened its position in Yemen, the report says, and has turned the ungoverned spaces of the country into a transport hub for fighters going to conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and East Africa.

The Govt’s using hard methods, not only on terrorists but also on the civilian population with nearly no international criticism.


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