Jihadists Discuss Attacking UN Troops in Lebanon, Syria

New jihadist chatter focuses on the vulnerability of United Nations personnel in Syria and Lebanon, as well as Westerners in Saudi Arabia. The online discussion is over whether opening a new jihad front against “Crusaders” in relatively peaceful Muslim countries is advisable at this time. According to a report released Monday by the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR), the communications discussed targeting options regarding the U.N. troops on peacekeeping missions in Syria and Lebanon. The jihadists pointed out that the U.N. personnel move about freely in Syria, in the region of the Golan Heights and the Lebanon-Israel border, and that they are easily identifiable by their uniforms and marked vehicles. The communications also discussed “Crusader” military personnel “spread throughout” Saudi Arabia, probably in reference to foreign contractors.

Terrorists threaten UN staff.


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