Vahidi backed as Iranian Defense Minister (U)

Iranian MPs have strongly backed the defence minister-designate, in defiance of Argentine demands for his arrest over a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires.

Ahmad Vahidi faced no opposition from MPs on the third day of a debate on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s choices for his new cabinet.

Interpol has distributed Argentina’s warrant for his arrest for an attack on a Jewish centre that killed 85 people.

…Argentine prosecutors allege that Vahidi “participated in and approved of” the decision to attack the Jewish centre.

Really outraging.

(U) Iran has prepared a new nuclear proposal and is ready to resume talks on its nuclear programme, according to media reports. After naming a terrorist wanted by the Interpol?


3 Responses to “Vahidi backed as Iranian Defense Minister (U)”

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  3. […] for the record: Iran has just now named Interpol wanted terrorist Vahidi to be Minister of Defence. And yet, IAEA is hiding information about its nuclear military peaceful […]

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