German tribunal authorises man linked to Bali bombers to name his son “Jihad”

A Berlin Court has authorised 49-year-old, Reda Seyam, directly linked, according to German Attorney’s office. with Indonesian Bali bombers, who killed more than 200 people in 2002, to name his 4-year-old son “Jihad”.

The Court has considered that, while “Jihad is a word used by Islamic radicals to describe armed struggle against infidels, even with terrorist methods, it’s a well-known and recognised name throughout the Arab world“.

Seyam’s first wife was protected under German witness’ protection program and the second one, with whom he has 6 children, has no job, just as him. They both live on welfare: German state pays them €2,300 monthly.

More here. “Munich public prosecutors recently accused him and seven of his followers of inciting young German converts to Islam to wage holy war.


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