New protests in Xinjiang

There have been fresh protests in western China’s Xinjiang region, where almost 200 people were killed in ethnic violence in July.

A witness told the BBC that as many as 2,000 ethnic Han Chinese have been demonstrating in the capital Urumqi. The protesters are said to be angry at the deteriorating security situation in the wake of the July riots. A trigger for the protests appears to have been a spate of unexplained stabbings using hypodermic needles.

State-run news agency Xinhua said that 15 people had been arrested over the stabbings, and that four of them had been prosecuted and would receive their judgements soon.

… Protesters have accused the provincial government of being “useless”, and some even asked for the dismissal of regional Communist Party boss Wang Lequan, who is thought to be an ally of President Hu Jintao.

Large numbers of police were turned out to block the protesters from reaching People’s Square in the city centre.


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