Is Hizbullah preparing itself to wage chemical war on Israel?

A Kuwaiti report Thursday said that “a mysterious explosion in a Hizbullah weapons warehouse six weeks ago involved chemical weapons”, adding, to the mounting evidence, that the terrorist organization is preparing for chemical warfare against Israel.Eight Hizbullah terrorists were killed in the blast, and the Kuwaiti al-Siyasa newspaper now reports that three others inside the warehouse died from the chemicals that were stored there. The report was based on information from European security sources.

Al-Siyasi previously reported that Hizbullah has been smuggling chemical weapons into southern Lebanon, along with thousands of gas masks.The weapons and equipment reportedly were provided from Iran and Hizbullah has been smuggling into southern Lebanon chemical weapons as well as thousands of gas masks smuggled via Syria.

Compare this with the disarmament claims made througout the Western world. Anyway, we should expect this to increase after Vahidi’s appointment as Iranian Defense Minister.


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