Some acounts on Chinese Xinjiang’s syringe attacks

The syringe attacks began just after July’s unrest. Police had to be deployed after Han Chinese, who were the target of those attacks, began to demonstrate on the streets. There is not much information as Chinese Communist Party has blocked it. It seems that the situation is “far more severe” than imagined:

When I got to Xinjiang on August 31, I heard that thugs were pricking people with dirty needles, dirty blades, even targeting children on their way to school; many adults had no choice but to stay home from work and be bodyguards for their children. What’s unacceptable is that these things began on August 5, similar rumors in Shixenze, and things continued to worsen for a month, with no word from the government of any response, meaning at the very least that they couldn’t handle the situation, so how are people supposed to trust them? On September 3 no fewer than three taxi drivers in Shixenze told me that two people had been pricked that day in the neighborhood across from our hotel, someone said someone had been killed…

The Communist Party wants to replace Wang Lequang, specially after some rumours claimed he was drunk the night of July 5th when the riots began. The Communist Party has chosen Qiang Wei, current secretary of CPC Qinghai committee.

A Strongman Is China’s Rock in Ethnic Strife


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