Pro-AQ group tried to kill both Blair and Carter in Gaza

Today a pro-Al Qaeda group said that it planned to kill both Mr Blair and the former US President Jimmy Carter when they visited Gaza three months ago. Blair’s 15th June visit was reported here.  Jimmy Carter visited the following day, on Tuesday 16th June. The terror group would have been unlikely to have managed to assassinate both of them. Carter’s visit would have been cancelled following any attack on Blair. Somehow that doesn’t comfort me as  much as it might others.

Found here.

I really want to know what’s Carter’s opinion about this plot. Is Israel the responsible? Or for once is he going to acknowledge the existence of Palestinian terrorism?

‘We tried to kill Carter and Blair’.


2 Responses to “Pro-AQ group tried to kill both Blair and Carter in Gaza”

  1. Good question!

    I wonder what Carter DID think after hearing this?

    As I said at my site (thanks for the link, btw) it doesn’t matter WHOSE side you are on (Carter), OR if you are not taking sides (Blair), Islamist terrorists are after your blood if you are a symbol of the “wicked west”.

    Perhaps some of your readers might be interested in signing this new petition, (anon if necesary):

    Many in Britain, especially the press on ALL sides of the political divide, are after Blair’s blood too. And they think the Iraq Inquiry is the place to get it.

    The signatories here mean to stop them.

    • It was the first question I have thought of when reading your site. I don’t think he will change his views on the subject, though. He will say that Palestinian just attack him because he is a US national, because the lack of support they have from US.

      About Balir:I will link that in the blog in some days.

      Apart from that, I don’t have many readers yet…. but I understand what they are trying to do there and whatever my present opinion about him (that motto saying “faith on faith does not convince me neither), That is not just at all.

      Thanks for your comment.

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