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FBI discovers AQ plot in Denver

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The FBI thinks it has uncovered a cross-state terror cell with Al-Qaeda links in Denver. Arrests were made in the case in New York. Apparently the suspect drove cross-country to Queens, New York with documents and bomb making plans. He allegedly met with some nefarious characters in New York. The FBI citing wiretaps, decided it was time to move in on the suspects.

Najibullah Zazi, 24, known as ‘Naji’ in his mosque, hails from eastern Afghanistan and is currently residing in Aurora. Apparently he remains under surveilance by FBI operatives, though he maintains his innocence. Fellow mosque members say that Zazi was apolitical and a devout Muslim.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security this week issued tips to ‘authorities’ nationwide for indicators of homemade bomb-makers using Hydorgen Peroxide-based explosives and warning them to be on the look-out for foul odors, people with chemical burns, and industrial sized fans. The warning coincided with the arrests and seizures in New York.

FBI says al-Qaeda cell in Denver

The accused, Zazi, has denied having something to do with AQ. Anyway, FBI has announced he was arrested when he allegedly was going to meet some more terrorists freedom fighters.

Experts consider that NYC underground is still very vulnerable to terrorist attacks.


What was Mr Blair’s role in Megrahi’s release?

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The Independent had an article some days ago about this that is interesting reading:

MPs are set to demand the minutes of an extraordinary cloak-and-dagger summit in London between British, American and Libyan spies held three days before Mr Blair announced that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was surrendering his weapons of mass destruction programme.

At the time of the secret meeting in December 2003 at the private Travellers Club in Pall Mall, London – for decades the favourite haunt of spies – Libyan officials were pressing for negotiations on the status of Megrahi, who was nearly three years into his life sentence at a Scottish jail.

 Was Mehgrahi’s release mentioned on that particular meeting? Perhaps 2003 seems somewhat far away but it would help us to understand the actual role of the three parties here.

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Pakistan arrests 12 AQ-linked foreigners

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Three are Swedes, 7 Turkes, 1 Iranian and another 1 Russian:

Police in Dera Ghazi Khan have arrested 12 Al-Qaeda-linked foreigners from the vicinity of inter-provincial Tirrimin checkpost on Indus Highway, bordering NWFP on Friday.
These foreigners including seven Turks, three Swedes, one each Iranian and Russian were arrested when they illegally crossed the border. They did not have valid documents and were going to Waziristan.

German Islamist accuses CIA of torturing him in Pakistan

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Hüssein Ö belongs to the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), the same group which is thought to be behind the Sauerland Cell:

A Turkish Islamist in Germany claims that CIA interrogators mistreated him in 2007 while he was being held in prison in Pakistan. Hüseyin Ö. says he will make a statement in court on Tuesday.

A Turkish Islamist from Langen in Germany has made serious accusations against the US intelligence agency the CIA. Hüseyin Ö. claims that he was mistreated for several weeks following his arrest in Pakistan in July 2007.

German police arrests Islamist suspect.

British jury find three Islamists guilty of plotting to explode planes

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The jury at the Woolwich Crown Court in London found the three men, Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain, guilty of planning to kill passengers in mid-flight using liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks. The three will be sentenced next week.

The prosecution said the attacks would have “exceeded the carnage” of the September 11 attacks in the US in 2001 and would have “inflicted heavy casualties in the name of Islam.”

British police said on Monday that they believed the group was within days of carrying out the attacks when they were arrested.

“We believe that they were contemplating some sort of dummy run,” a British police representative said.

The police source said the men were planning to bomb at least seven airliners one week after this practice run.

The other 5 are still waiting for the verdict.

Mohammed Jibril, the Prince of Jihad, received training from JI terrorists in Pakistan

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Jibril received military training from JI activists: Police | The Jakarta Post

National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri revealed that Mohamad Jibril had received military training in Pakistan, which followed the suspected terrorist’s lawyers and relatives’ repeated denial of his past whereabouts and activities,

“Jibril received military training from several Jemaah Islamiyah activists for about a year, from 1999- 2000,” Bambang said Thursday during a hearing at the House of Representatives.

“The training was conducted in Pakistan while he was studying there.”

Mohamad Jibril alias Mohamad Rizky Ardhan alias Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman was arrested two weeks ago as he had allegedly played an important role in fund-raising for terrorist group led by Malaysian Noordin M. Top.

“Prince of Jihad” Mohammed Jibril, arrested.

Britain’s Home Office releases terrorist suspect

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Another Lybian:

Britain’s Home Office has released a man from a house-arrest style program only weeks before a hearing in which the government might have been forced to disclose the intelligence that led to his arrest, a newspaper reported Monday.

The Times of London said the man — a Libyan-British dual national identified only as AF — was released last week.

He had been part of the so-called “control order” program, which allows the government to tell terror suspects where they can live and when they can leave their homes.

The reported release comes after Britain’s highest court decided the orders were illegal in some cases because the suspects had not been given sufficient details of the cases against them. The paper quoted Carl Richmond, an attorney acting for AF, as saying he has had his electronic tag removed and is “trying to readjust to normal life.”