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Hizbullah’s Madoff

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‘Lebanese Madoff’ detained – Israel News, Ynetnews

Lebanese authorities are holding in custody a prominent Shiite financier close to Hezbollah on suspicion of fraud after he invested hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money before declaring bankruptcy, judicial officials said Wednesday.
…The judicial officials said Ezzedine had major business interests, particularly in oil and iron industries, in Eastern Europe and suffered substantial losses when oil prices dropped starting mid last year.
He tried to make up for his losses by taking money from Lebanese investors, promising them up to 40 percent interest on their deposits which he could not repay, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.
….Media reports said among Ezzedine’s victims are high ranking members of Hezbollah, as well as Shiite investors from south Lebanon and the Hezbollah stronghold south of Beirut.   

The three Hizbullah’s leaders who lost funds are:

One of the three is Wafik Safa, the first to disclose during Israel’s prisoner swap with Hezbollah in 2008 that IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, kidnapped by the organization two years earlier, were dead.
During the prisoner swap Wafik Safa became known in Israel for refusing to reveal the status of the two captured soldiers until the very last minute, just before their bodies were brought out in coffins.
Al-Arabiya reported that the other two men were the leader of Hezbollah’s parliament bloc, Mohammad Raad, and a member of the bloc, Amin Sherri. The report did not say whether they had lost their own private funds or those of the organization.
 Sources affiliated with Hezbollah have estimated Ezzadine’s losses at around a billion dollars, and a Kuwaiti daily reported Thursday that the organization had lost around $683 million. 

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Gordon Brown won’t press Lybia over compensation for IRA’s victims

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Gordon Brown declined to put formal pressure on Libya to get compensation for IRA victims, No 10 has confirmed.The victims say Libya should pay compensation because it supplied the IRA with explosives used in atrocities.

Mr Brown told a victims’ lawyer it was not “appropriate” to discuss the claims, but aides have denied he was trying to protect oil deals with Libya.

Lybia’s Gadhaffi: the forgotten story of his links to terror.
Will Lybia compensate IRA victims?.

Beneficiaries of international terrorism

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Dougals Farah explores the case of:

Jamal Yousef, aka “Talal Hassan Ghantou,” an international arms trafficker, was charged with participating in a narco-terrorism conspiracy. What is interesting about the case is that it was to be a transcontinental weapons for cocaine trade. While such trades are reported anecdotally, there has been little first-hand evidence of this type of activity among designated terrorist organizations.

Yousef, a former Syrian intelligence officer, was going to sell weapons to Colombian FARC terrorists in exchange of cocaine.

This same day, a US court has jailed Belgian Mr Monsieur. Maybe he is not “famous” for the general public but he certainly is for the intelligence community:

U.S. authorities say Jacques Monsieur, a swashbuckling 56-year-old known as “the Fox” and “the Field Marshal,” conspired with an undercover agent to buy engines and parts for F-5 fighter planes for Iran.

Monsieur faces a six-count federal indictment, unsealed Wednesday, that includes charges of money laundering, smuggling and violating laws against exporting arms to Iran. He has not yet been arraigned.

Investigators arrested Monsieur last week while he was in New York on his way to France, where he lives, officials said. He becomes the latest in a string of high-rollers to fall victim to global undercover arms-trafficking operations by U.S. agents.

…Monsieur, a suave veteran of Belgian military intelligence who breeds horses on a French estate, spent two decades doing business in war zones from the Balkans to Africa.

His specialties are said to be light to medium arms and military aviation parts. He has run afoul of the law in Belgium, France and Iran, according to news reports.

…Since the 1980s, when his name came up in the Iran-Contra affair, he has specialized in supplying Iran, according to Alain Lallemand, a Belgian journalist who wrote an extensive report on Monsieur in 2002 for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a branch of the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity.

Vahidi backed as Iranian Defense Minister 2

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From The Telegraph:

Gen Vahidi ran the Revolutionary Guards Lebanon Corps before he was appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei to lead the newly-created Quds Force’s mission to export Iran’s Islamic revolution. His units have been linked to a series of international terror attacks, including the 1983 attack on the US marine base in Beirut that killed 241 servicemen and the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996 that claimed the lives of 19 American military personnel.”

Vahidi’s imminent appointment is a clear signal of Iran’s aggressive intentions, and a reaffirmation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s status as the world’s biggest state sponsor of international terrorism. If Vahidi’s ascent to the top of Iran’s military food chain doesn’t act as a wake up call for both the White House and Downing Street regarding the level of the Iranian threat, I don’t know what will.

He was backed by Iranian Parliament as Defense Minister yesterday.

Taliban’s funding: extortion, ransom and “business license”

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Not only drugs then:

The Taliban are acting like a broad network of criminal gangs that enables them to utilize different sources of income,” says Ahmad Nader Nadery of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission…

.Jan, 72, with closely cropped hair, a thick white beard and a string of amber prayer beads, claims he was targeted in retaliation for not paying off the Taliban, even though the provincial governor and district governor say he did. Not that Jan would have refused — he says the Taliban never asked. “If the Taliban had asked for $100,000, I would have gladly paid them,” says Jan. “This equipment was worth $230,000.” What probably happened, says Abdul Wahid Omerkhil, district governor of Char Dara, where the attack took place, is that Jan paid off the wrong people. “It usually happens like that. You pay one group and you don’t pay the other, and they will burn you.”

…The arrival of Mullah Salam, the Taliban governor, coincided with the return of a local man, Shirin Agha, who had fled to Pakistan after he got into a gunfight at a wedding. While the commanders work independently, they share common tactics, demanding usher, kidnapping for ransom and taking cuts of construction projects. Sitting in the dilapidated foyer of his mansion, Mohammed Omer, the provincial governor of Kunduz, marvels at the scale of the two Taliban leaders’ rackets. By his estimate, Salam and Agha amassed at least $100,000 in a month through kidnappings for ransom and protection payments from contractors, who in turn had been paid by international donors.

…It’s not just the big foreign-aid projects that get hit. Local businesses are victims too. In Kandahar, says a businessman who asked for anonymity out of fear of Taliban retribution, even the smallest shops pay a “business license” to the Taliban.

…That analysis is confirmed by Sargon Heinrich, a Kabul-based U.S. businessman in construction and service industries. Heinrich says some 16% of his gross revenue goes to “facilitation fees,” mostly to protect shipments of valuable equipment coming from the border. “That is all revenue that will ultimately be shared by the Taliban.” As an American, Heinrich is troubled by the implication that he may be funding the insurgency. “All of this could be seen as material support for enemy forces,” he muses.

…Hanif Atmar, Afghanistan’s Minister of the Interior, says increased financing, particularly through extortion, is emboldening the enemy and admits that part of the fault lies with his government. “Yes, I blame [contractors and construction companies] for the fact that they are paying these insurgents, but at the same time, I sympathize with them because they are not doing it out of their own accord but because they are forced to. It is our responsibility as the government of Afghanistan and the international community to provide a secure environment for them to work. And so far, we have not been able to do so.”

Karzai’s links with Afghan Drug Warlords.

Will Lybia compensate IRA victims?

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Hundreds of relatives are involved in a multi-million damages claim against the Libyan leader for his countrys role in providing arms and explosives to Irish republican paramilitaries during the Troubles.

Their calls for justice intensified after the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi from a Scottish jail on compassionate grounds.

Now for the first time the authorities in Tripoli have hinted that they may be willing to consider a pay out in recognition for their role in arming the IRA.

Police is tracking terrorism funding for Jakarta bombings

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Jakarta Post:

An police official has said the force is cooperating with foreign agencies to track down sources of funding for the July 17 bombing of two hotels in Jakarta after they found indications of Muhammad Jibril’s involvement with al-Qaeda and the bombings.

“The police are working with foreign agencies to establish the international link behind the terrorist acts,” head of counter terrorism at the Coordinating Ministry for Legal, Political and Security Affairs, Insp. Gen. (ret) Ansyaad Mbai, told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

Police Chief General Bambang Hendarso Danuri said Friday that police had evidence of Jibril’s involvement with al-Qaeda.

“So far we have seen the preliminary signs of Jibril’s involvement with al-Qaeda. However, we should wait for more details as it may link to other groups as well.

Govt wants terrorism law amended

Prince of Jihad“, Mohammed Jibril, arrested.
Noordin’s support base.
Challenges for Indonesia.
Indonesia seeks second man who helped in terrorism funding.