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Female suicide bomber kills 6 in Chechenya

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A female suicide bomber blew herself up on Wednesday in an attack on a police car in the main street of Chechnya’s capital Grozny. News agencies reported that six people were wounded.

“The woman went up to a traffic police car in which there were several people and detonated her explosives,” Chechnya’s deputy health minister Rukman Bartiyev told the ITAR-TASS news agency. “The number of victims and wounded is being specified,” he added. The charred remains of the woman’s head and other body parts were found at the scene, the Interfax news agency reported.


FBI discovers AQ plot in Denver

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The FBI thinks it has uncovered a cross-state terror cell with Al-Qaeda links in Denver. Arrests were made in the case in New York. Apparently the suspect drove cross-country to Queens, New York with documents and bomb making plans. He allegedly met with some nefarious characters in New York. The FBI citing wiretaps, decided it was time to move in on the suspects.

Najibullah Zazi, 24, known as ‘Naji’ in his mosque, hails from eastern Afghanistan and is currently residing in Aurora. Apparently he remains under surveilance by FBI operatives, though he maintains his innocence. Fellow mosque members say that Zazi was apolitical and a devout Muslim.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security this week issued tips to ‘authorities’ nationwide for indicators of homemade bomb-makers using Hydorgen Peroxide-based explosives and warning them to be on the look-out for foul odors, people with chemical burns, and industrial sized fans. The warning coincided with the arrests and seizures in New York.

FBI says al-Qaeda cell in Denver

The accused, Zazi, has denied having something to do with AQ. Anyway, FBI has announced he was arrested when he allegedly was going to meet some more terrorists freedom fighters.

Experts consider that NYC underground is still very vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Kirkuk blast kills 7

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Among others killed there are a woman and a child. A high-ranking police official said the car was parked in a courtyard of a house when the bomb went off and so, it appeared the bomb may have gone off prematurely, as the car was being prepared for use in an attack.

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The Guardian on Rashid Rauf

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Terror suspect ‘was not prosecuted because of torture in Pakistan’ | UK news |

Plans to prosecute a terrorism suspect who is said to have played a key role in the airline bombing plot were abandoned because of the severe torture he suffered after being detained in Pakistan, according to intelligence sources who have spoken to Human Rights Watch.

In a report on Britain’s involvement in torture in Pakistan ‑ due to be published by the New York-based organisation later this month ‑ intelligence officials from Pakistan and the UK are quoted as saying Rashid Rauf could not be extradited and put on trial because of the extent of the mistreatment he had suffered.

The Pakistani officials are quoted as saying that their British counterparts were fully aware of what was happening to Rauf after he was detained in August 2006, while a former senior British intelligence officer is quoted as saying they were not.

The conviction of three men who attempted to blow up at least seven transatlantic airliners and murder more than 1,500 people has thrown up new questions about Rauf, who was born in Pakistan in January 1981 but was raised in Birmingham.

So, just considering he effectively was subjected to terrible torture (and if it’s true that he was subjected to electric shock indeed he was). But the problem to be prosecuted now is that it seems he was killed in Pakistan, after fleeing from West Midlands police while praying alone in a mosque before escaping. Afterwards, it was announced he was killed by a drone in north Waziristan.

If this guy really fled in this manner, being one of the main suspects of the plot to explode planes, leaving him alone praying there, was s truly stupid error. But that’s because we know the result. Imagine that police would have entered with him to control him while he was praying. I am sure the policemen would have been called everything from Islamophobes to racists.

What I really can’t understand yet, is why Pakistan is considered an “ally”. They are now claiming that fighting the taliban is “too difficult”, so they are not going to fight the new cruel (and effective) Taliban chief, Hakimullah Mehsud, because they “are worried” about him. But they engage with suspects brutally. This contradiction can’t be explained only or mainly by just US influence. My opinion is that the Taliban are allies against India specially because of Kashmir, while this guy from AQ can be threatening Pakistan, because of AQ’s stated goal related to Paki nukes.

Pakistani Taliban kill 4 boys, wound 6

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The boys were Shiite while the Talibans are Sunni.

The students were going to school in Atmankhel town of Orakzai district when the militants opened fire, killing four boys and wounding six others, local administration official Asmatullah Khan told AFP.

“It appears to be a sectarian attack as the slain students belonged to the minority Shiite sect of Islam,” he said. “The attackers were Taliban.”

Residents said the dead students were all younger than 16, but were not able to give the exact ages of the victims.

It’s just another attack of their ongoing campaign against schools, in which they have burned buildings, while their Afghan colleges have also thrown acid in girls’ faces.

Pro-AQ group tried to kill both Blair and Carter in Gaza

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Today a pro-Al Qaeda group said that it planned to kill both Mr Blair and the former US President Jimmy Carter when they visited Gaza three months ago. Blair’s 15th June visit was reported here.  Jimmy Carter visited the following day, on Tuesday 16th June. The terror group would have been unlikely to have managed to assassinate both of them. Carter’s visit would have been cancelled following any attack on Blair. Somehow that doesn’t comfort me as  much as it might others.

Found here.

I really want to know what’s Carter’s opinion about this plot. Is Israel the responsible? Or for once is he going to acknowledge the existence of Palestinian terrorism?

‘We tried to kill Carter and Blair’.

Suicide bomber attacks Kabul airport: 2 civilians killed, 6 wounded

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A suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle outside a NATO military base at Kabul’s main airport on Tuesday killing at least two civilians, in the biggest attack in the Afghan capital since last month’s presidential election.

The attack was a further demonstration of deteriorating security at a time when violence is at its worst, an unresolved election has put the country’s political future in doubt and Western popular support for the war is being tested.

The Interior Ministry said two civilians were killed and six wounded, two of them seriously, in the airport attack. It did not say whether Western troops were hurt at the base. The NATO-led force was not immediately able to comment.