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Plane plotters’ group likely to try again

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Britain Fears More Airline Bomb Plots Likely

The convictions of three British Muslims for plotting to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners are evidence of al-Qaida’s “obsession” with using commercial aircraft to attack the West, anti-terrorism officials told the BBC Tuesday. And they say the group is “likely” to try again.

British jury find three Islamists guilty of plotting to explode planes

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German Defense Minister on Afghan NATO’s air strike

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The air strike was absolutely necessary,” Jung told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “I can’t comprehend how some can so quickly criticize the military action without knowing what the situation was or the background information.”

…Jung, who has repeatedly said Germany is not engaged in “war” in Afghanistan, said German officers had “very detailed information” collected over several hours about the two hijacked fuel trucks.

“We had clear information that the Taliban had seized both fuel trucks about six kilometers away from our base in order to launch an attack against our soldiers in Kunduz,” Jung said of the attack, ordered by a local German commander.

If that had succeeded, it would have had horrible consequences for our soldiers. That’s why, in my view, the commander made the right decision … Based on the information I got, only Taliban terrorists were killed in the strike.”

Related: UN probes fiery German battle with the Taliban. A Defence Ministry spokesperson said the bombing mission would not have been ordered if civilians were known to be present.

Pakistany Army accused of carrying out extra-judicial killings of Taliban militants

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The bodies of 30 suspected militants have been found in Pakistan’s Swat valley, local people say.The bodies all have gunshot wounds and local residents say they are believed to be of militants from Bajnot and other areas near the town of Mingora.

Corpses began appearing several weeks ago and more than 150 have been found in the region over the past month.

Security forces deny carrying out extra-judicial killings as part of their anti-Taliban offensive.

Pakistan Army kills 45 Taliban: Border Reopens.

Gordon Brown on Afghanistan

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Gordon Brown hints at Afghan withdrawal – Times Online

GORDON BROWN yesterday prepared the ground for a pre-election announcement of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan next year.

During a lightning visit to the front line in Helmand province, the prime minister announced plans to double a training programme for the Afghan army to reduce its reliance on British and American troops.

“Stepping that up means the Afghans themselves take responsibility for their own affairs,” Brown said.

He also hinted that there could be a temporary increase in UK troops to support and mentor local forces, with government sources suggesting that Taliban fighters could even be granted an “amnesty” in the effort to bring the conflict to a close.

NATO wants to focus on Afghan forces’ training.
UK: opposition to NATO intervention in Afghanistan growing.
The Battle of Farmacy Road: an exam.

Hello world!

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