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What was Mr Blair’s role in Megrahi’s release?

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The Independent had an article some days ago about this that is interesting reading:

MPs are set to demand the minutes of an extraordinary cloak-and-dagger summit in London between British, American and Libyan spies held three days before Mr Blair announced that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was surrendering his weapons of mass destruction programme.

At the time of the secret meeting in December 2003 at the private Travellers Club in Pall Mall, London – for decades the favourite haunt of spies – Libyan officials were pressing for negotiations on the status of Megrahi, who was nearly three years into his life sentence at a Scottish jail.

 Was Mehgrahi’s release mentioned on that particular meeting? Perhaps 2003 seems somewhat far away but it would help us to understand the actual role of the three parties here.

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Gordon Brown won’t press Lybia over compensation for IRA’s victims

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Gordon Brown declined to put formal pressure on Libya to get compensation for IRA victims, No 10 has confirmed.The victims say Libya should pay compensation because it supplied the IRA with explosives used in atrocities.

Mr Brown told a victims’ lawyer it was not “appropriate” to discuss the claims, but aides have denied he was trying to protect oil deals with Libya.

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Libya’s jihadis reject violence against “Muslim regimes and innocent civiians

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Libyan Islamist fighters who once tried to assassinate Muammar Gadaffi are about to publicly spurn violence in a move that is intended to weaken al-Qaida by undermining the religious rationale for waging jihad against Muslim regimes and killing innocent civilians.

Behind bars in Tripoli’s Abusalim prison the top leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group have written a 420-page book which Arab and western governments hope will strike a new blow in the ideological war against Osama bin Laden.

The move is doubly significant because Libyans have long played a key role in al-Qaida. The brother of one key bin Laden aide and Islamic scholar, Abu Yahya al-Libi, is one of the authors of the LIFG recantation document, entitled Corrective Studies in Understanding Jihad.

And what about non-Muslim regimes? Condemning violence against Muslim regimes can give comfort to Gadhaffi but certainly it does not on a global basis. It would also be convenient if they define “innocent civilians”: can non-Muslims be considered as such?

Now Colonel Gaddafi wants to ‘abolish’ Switzerland

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The eccentric dictator has filed a motion with the U.N. saying the Alpine state should be wiped off the map and split among France, Italy and Germany..

Consecuences of arresting his son accused of assaulting a chambermaid.

Spanish FM will attend acts remembering 40th anniversary of Gadhaffi’s dictatorship

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But he won’t be alone: Italian PM Berlusconi or Venezuelan would-be dictator Chávez will also be present.

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Berlusconi visits Gadhaffi

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BBC NEWS | Europe | Italy PM in Libya to meet Gaddafi

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is in Libya to celebrate the anniversary of a friendship pact signed last year.

But he will not attend events marking the 40th anniversary of the military coup d’etat that brought Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to power in 1969.

Italy occupied the North African country between 1911 and World War II.

Mr Berlusconi’s government has agreed to pay $5bn in the next 20 years to compensate Libya for wrongs committed during its colonial occupation.

FACTBOX: Lybian investments in Italy.