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Chávez’s statements in Lybia

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It is interesting to see the degree of confidence or security that Chávez feels leaving Venezuela without worrying about the risk that perhaps he might not be able to come back. Right now the people of Venezuela are courageously defending their ideals and interests under attack by the Chávez dictatorship, disguised as democracy with the excuse that he was originally elected democratically. Incidentally, it is important to take into consideration that during his stop in Libya, referring to the campaign that he directed against Honduran democracy with the excuse of defending the extinguished constitutionality of Manuel Zelaya as President, he said that the eventual return of Zelaya was difficult because “already the electoral campaign has begun, then elections and then the page is turned. That is what I think, independently of the fact that Zelaya returns or not, at this point it is difficult to think this” as possible.

Chávez is visiting several terrorist-linked states.


UK Ministers release letters about Lockerbie deal

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Jack Straw changed his mind about excluding the Lockerbie bomber from a proposed prisoner transfer agreement with Libya, letters have shown.The UK’s justice secretary initially agreed anyone connected with the bombing should be excluded. But in a later letter to the Scottish Government he said it was in the UK’s interests the agreement should take a “standard form”.

So, why did Straw changed his mind?

Lybia wants another “agreement:

Libyan minister Mohammed Siala says he is “waiting for some information” about an attempt on Col Gaddafi’s life in return for helping with solving a 25-year-old murder.

Pc Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead while on duty in London in 1984 by a gunman believed to be inside Libya’s Embassy and who later fled to Lybia.

Ministers publish Lockerbie files.

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Gadhaffi cancels plans to stay in NJ

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Bowing to Pressure, Qaddafi Cancels Stay in Englewood, N.J. –

In an interview, Mr. Rothman said Colonel Qaddafi and his delegation had decided instead to stay in New York City. He said he spoke to a top lobbyist for the Libyan government on Friday afternoon “who informed me that a final decision had been made to the effect that Muammar el-Qaddafi would be confining his stay to Manhattan.” It was unclear precisely where the Libyans intend to stay, he said.

The Libyan Consulate in New York did not respond to a message seeking comment.

Victims from Lockerbie bomber against Gadhafi’s visit to NJ.