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Syria could be operating more “nuclear sites

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Syria may be operating more nuclear sites, apart from the reactor at Deir Azour which was bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007 in what came to be known as Operation Orchard, former U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Gregory Schulte told Channel 10 Thursday evening.”

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Mohammed El Baradei critisized about report regarding Iranian nuclear program (U)

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Times Online publishes an article about the report. After you read it, the expression “Iranian nuclear program may contain military dimensions” acquires a new dimension:

France and Israel have led the charge against Dr ElBaradei, saying that his latest report on Iran’s nuclear programme omitted evidence that the agency had been given about an alleged covert weaponisation plan.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the report did not reflect all that the agency knew about Iran’s “efforts to continue to pursue its military programme”.
France went farther, alleging the existence of an unpublished annexe that addresses the evidence that Iran may be building an atom bomb.
Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign Minister, said that France had attended a technical briefing that covered the material, so was surprised to find it missing from the report.
“In the annexes there are specifically elements which enable us to ask about the reality of an atomic bomb,” he said “There are issues of warheads, of transport.

So, they actually knew it actually has military dimensions. But plainly, they don’t want anyone to know.

Just for the record: Iran has just now named Interpol wanted terrorist Vahidi to be Minister of Defence. And yet, IAEA is hiding information about its nuclear military peaceful plans. Indecent. Dangerous. And absolutely irresponsable. IAEA is a watchdog, but clearly it’s not fulfilling its duty. And remember Hizbullah and Hamas are just Iranian proxies in Lebanon and Gaza.

(U) “In a speech at The Brookings Institution, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said investigations by his office show Iran is using Venezuela’s established banking network to skirt international sanctions and acquire the materials needed for its nuclear program. At the same time, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to build a “nuclear village” in Venezuela with Iran’s help, according to Morgenthau, who said such a development would be a “destabilizing force” in Latin America“.

Iran rejects world powers’ ultimatum on nuclear program

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Spokesman Ghashghavi says Iran won’t bow to the pressure.

After the five members of the UN Security Council and Germany issued a statement calling Iran to negotiating tables regarding its nuclear program, Iran has responded that it will only hold talks with the IAEA.

Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has made it clear that any talks with world leaders would not address Iran’s nuclear program, according to the website of al-Alam, a state-run television station.

Ali Ashgar Soltanieh’s comments came a day after a meeting of the United Nations Security Council near Frankfurt, where world powers pressured Iran to accept face to face talks regarding Iran’s nuclear plans.

Just three days ago:

Iran has prepared a new nuclear proposal and is ready to resume talks on its nuclear programme, according to media reports.

What was that proposal?