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Syria could be operating more “nuclear sites

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Syria may be operating more nuclear sites, apart from the reactor at Deir Azour which was bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007 in what came to be known as Operation Orchard, former U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Gregory Schulte told Channel 10 Thursday evening.”

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Israel union drops exhibit portraying terrorists as Virgin Mary

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How can a woman who comes into the world with the role of loving and giving life become a source of hatred and murder?” Bleikh added, speaking before the pictures were taken down.

Neither of the artists could immediately be reached afterward.

The seven canvases, part of a larger exhibition, splice the bombers’ faces onto works by Botticelli, Raphael and other eminent artists. Bleikh told The Associated Press that the show’s concept was sparked by a suicide attack near her Jerusalem home carried out by a female bomber.

“The message is that the baby in the arms of a woman is in danger,” she said. “The contrast of the symbol of love, the Madonna, with the face of a killer – it works. It hurts the souls of women who look at it.”

Chávez bashes Israel (again)

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez attacked Israel Thursday during his visit to Syria, calling it an imperialist nation that annihilates other people. Chavez comments came during a news conference with his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad after a one-hour meeting at the hilltop presidential palace.

via The Associated Press: Venezuelan president bashes Israel in Syria trip.

Is Hizbullah preparing itself to wage chemical war on Israel?

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A Kuwaiti report Thursday said that “a mysterious explosion in a Hizbullah weapons warehouse six weeks ago involved chemical weapons”, adding, to the mounting evidence, that the terrorist organization is preparing for chemical warfare against Israel.Eight Hizbullah terrorists were killed in the blast, and the Kuwaiti al-Siyasa newspaper now reports that three others inside the warehouse died from the chemicals that were stored there. The report was based on information from European security sources.

Al-Siyasi previously reported that Hizbullah has been smuggling chemical weapons into southern Lebanon, along with thousands of gas masks.The weapons and equipment reportedly were provided from Iran and Hizbullah has been smuggling into southern Lebanon chemical weapons as well as thousands of gas masks smuggled via Syria.

Compare this with the disarmament claims made througout the Western world. Anyway, we should expect this to increase after Vahidi’s appointment as Iranian Defense Minister.

Israeli left-wing parties comment on Obama’s unpopularity in Israel

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Left-wing parties lament Obama’s unpopularity in Israel | Israel | Jerusalem Post

“It is terrific for Israel that there is an American president with vision, and it is a pity that most Israelis don’t realize that,” Meretz faction chairman MK Ilan Gilon said. “Israelis think that Christian evangelists who rubber-stamp everything Israel does are the only Americans who are pro-Israel. But what is really good for Israel is a solution to the conflict, and Obama is doing what it takes to bring it about.”

Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer said what mattered more at this stage of the peace process was Obama’s reputation in the Arab world, and not in Israel. “Despite the results of the poll, the Israeli interest is that Obama will be popular in the Arab world, so he could bring about a peace agreement with Israel,”

Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein, who was excluded from a recent meeting of US Jewish leaders with Obama, issued a press release saying that the poll confirmed a high degree of Israeli concern with and disapproval of the US leader’s policies.

Only 4% of Jewish Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel.

Only 4% of Jewish Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel

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‘Post’ poll: 4% of Jewish Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel | Israel | Jerusalem Post

The number of Israelis who see US President Barack Obama’s policies as pro-Israel has fallen to 4 percent, according to a Smith Research poll taken this week on behalf of The Jerusalem Post.

Fifty-one percent of Jewish Israelis consider Obama’s administration more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel, according to the survey, while 35% consider it neutral and 10% declined to express an opinion. The poll of 500 people representing a statistical model of the Jewish Israeli population had a margin of error of 4.5%.

Sarkozy, Merkel, Netanyahu warn of tougher sanctions against Iran

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Sarkozy threatens “severe” sanctions against Iran – WashingtonTV تلویزیون واشنگتن

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday warned Iran that it faced “severe” new sanctions if it continued its controversial nuclear program.

Speaking to French ambassadors in an annual foreign policy speech in Paris, Sarkozy also criticized Iranian leaders for their handling of protests following June’s disputed presidential election, reports The Press Association.

“These are the same leaders, in Iran, who tell us that the nuclear program is peaceful and that the elections were honest. Frankly, who believes them,” he said, according to The Press Association.

Merkel, Netanyahu Warn Iran of Sanctions in Nuclear Dispute –

Merkel, speaking at a joint news conference with Netanyahu in Berlin today, said the world is heading toward a September deadline for Iran to cooperate with demands to stop enriching uranium. Netanyahu called for the threat of “crippling sanctions” and Merkel said “we reject” a nuclear-armed Iran.