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Mohammed Jibril, the Prince of Jihad, received training from JI terrorists in Pakistan

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Jibril received military training from JI activists: Police | The Jakarta Post

National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri revealed that Mohamad Jibril had received military training in Pakistan, which followed the suspected terrorist’s lawyers and relatives’ repeated denial of his past whereabouts and activities,

“Jibril received military training from several Jemaah Islamiyah activists for about a year, from 1999- 2000,” Bambang said Thursday during a hearing at the House of Representatives.

“The training was conducted in Pakistan while he was studying there.”

Mohamad Jibril alias Mohamad Rizky Ardhan alias Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman was arrested two weeks ago as he had allegedly played an important role in fund-raising for terrorist group led by Malaysian Noordin M. Top.

“Prince of Jihad” Mohammed Jibril, arrested.


Security forces chasing 44 Abu Sayyaf

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SSecurity forces are in pursuit of 44 Abu Sayyaf members as intelligence operations continue to determine the bandit group’s links to regional terrorist network Jemaah Islamiyah and rogue elements of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Senior Supt. Reginald Villasanta, Philippine National Police (PNP) Intelligence Group deputy chief, told reporters Tuesday the 44 were involved in the 2001 abduction of foreigners and locals from the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan and the March 29, 2000, kidnapping of teachers, students and priests in Sumisip, Basilan.

“Of course, there are still Abu Sayyaf leaders remaining. So aside from those high-value targets, we are also prioritizing efforts to arrest these 44 remaining members,” said Villasanta in a press conference in Camp Crame.

Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist infiltrated airline to carry on “bigger attack”

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A suspect wanted in connection with hotel suicide bombings in the Indonesian capital had infiltrated the national airline in a plot to carry out a “bigger attack,” the national police chief told members of parliament Monday.

The suspect, identified only as Syahrir, had been recruited by a militant network and was working as a technician with the airline, Garuda Indonesia, said National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri. Documents seized by police uncovered the plot to strike in Indonesia’s airline sector, he said, without providing details.

Syahrir had resigned from the airline, but remains at large, Danuri said.

Police is tracking terrorism funding for Jakarta bombings.
Prince of Jihad“, Mohammed Jibril, arrested.
Noordin’s support base.
Challenges for Indonesia.
Indonesia seeks second man who helped in terrorism funding.

Noordin’s Support Base

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International Crisis Group – B95 Indonesia: Noordin Top’s Support Base

Many elements of Noordin’s support base are familiar. Although he broke away from the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) organisation around 2004, Noordin retains an inner circle of JI militants who have been with him for the last four or five years. He can rely on many more, including teachers at JI schools and their students, to provide hiding places or logistical aid as needed. He has made repeated attempts to tap into the leadership of jihadi groups, not just JI but smaller organisations as well. In some cases, militant jihadis who want more action than their leaders may seek him out, rather than vice versa. He often manages to bring in a few family members and neighbours of those who hide him. The more systematic recruitment of foot soldiers seems to be done more by the inner circle than by Noordin himself. They recruit new youths as needed through study sessions in local mosques, or pick up young men radicalised through earlier exposure to jihadi preachers but then left behind when those preachers move on or are arrested. In every one of his operations, the suicide bombers were identified first by Noordin’s lieutenants and only afterwards met the man himself.

Challenges for Indonesia

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A study by the International Crisis Group suggests the government pay more attention to Jemaah Islamiyah-affiliated schools that offer protection to men like Noordin M. Top, better understanding of terrorism’s international linkages and better intelligence.

Improved community policing, for one, implies reform in neighborhood bureaucracy, particularly, on the issuance of identity cards. This boils down to bureaucratic corruption as one can easily obtain a card with a fee. Since curbing this practice takes time, terrorism is here to stay.

… Terrorism cannot be fought by military force alone but by well-coordinated intelligence, elimination of a departmentalism tendency among security forces, continued attention to the government’s counter-radicalization program and by cleaning the government house of elements sympathetic to terrorism.

This is an uphill task for Yudhoyono’s new government.