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German Defense Minister on Afghan NATO’s air strike

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The air strike was absolutely necessary,” Jung told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “I can’t comprehend how some can so quickly criticize the military action without knowing what the situation was or the background information.”

…Jung, who has repeatedly said Germany is not engaged in “war” in Afghanistan, said German officers had “very detailed information” collected over several hours about the two hijacked fuel trucks.

“We had clear information that the Taliban had seized both fuel trucks about six kilometers away from our base in order to launch an attack against our soldiers in Kunduz,” Jung said of the attack, ordered by a local German commander.

If that had succeeded, it would have had horrible consequences for our soldiers. That’s why, in my view, the commander made the right decision … Based on the information I got, only Taliban terrorists were killed in the strike.”

Related: UN probes fiery German battle with the Taliban. A Defence Ministry spokesperson said the bombing mission would not have been ordered if civilians were known to be present.


Karzai seeks talks with Pakistan, Taliban

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Hamid Karzai’s re-election as Afghanistan’s president is secure and his first priority will be to open peace talks with Pakistan in an attempt to end the Taliban insurgency raging across their shared border, one of his top aides said on Sunday.

Hamed Elmi told the Financial Times that a new Karzai-led government would quickly reach out to Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president, to advance negotiations with Taliban fighters.

Karzai’s links with Afghan Drug Warlords.

Lord Ashdown “worried” at US criticism of Afghan election

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BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | US Afghan ‘row’ worries Ashdown

Lord Ashdown, a former special envoy to Bosnia who was put forward as special envoy to Afghanistan, said foreign interference was “unhelpful”.

He said foreign criticism could “de-legitimise the whole process”.

Lord Ashdown told the BBC: “I think if there are doubts about corruption in the election, etc, it would be far better, at least in the first instance, to let the Afghan procedures with UN support run their course before jumping to conclusions.”

Karzai’s links with Afghan Drug Warlords

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Today that debate will be even more fraught for a new administration, for the former defense minister, Marshal Muhammad Qasim Fahim, stands a strong chance of becoming the next vice president of Afghanistan.

In his bid for re-election, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has surrounded himself with checkered figures who could bring him votes: warlords suspected of war crimes, corruption and trafficking in the country’s lucrative poppy crop. But none is as influential as Marshal Fahim, his running mate, whose trajectory in and out of power, and American favor, says much about the struggle the United States has had in dealing with corruption in Afghanistan.