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Australia to investigate N Korean weapons for Iran in ship seized in UAE

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Australia probes North Korea weapons for Iran seizure | Reuters

Australia will investigate the case of a shipment of North Korean weapons seized from an Australian-owned ship en route to Iran to see if its laws were broken, Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said Sunday.

Weapons including rocket launchers, detonators, munitions and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades were seized on August 14 in the United Arab Emirates from the ANL-Australia, an Australian-owned vessel flying the Bahamas flag.

UAE seizes ship carrying secretly N Korean weapons to Iran.


Pakistani nuclear scientist Khan should be allowed freedom of movement, says Judge

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Pakistani judge ruled on Friday that nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan should be allowed freedom of movement more than five years after being put under house arrest for his role in a nuclear proliferation scandal.

… Khan was pardoned but placed under house arrest in 2004 by then president Pervez Musharraf after the scientist confessed on television to selling nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

… Khan is still lionised as the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb and there is widespread belief that he was the fall guy for a larger conspiracy to smuggle nuclear technology.

Pakistani authorities denied any connection to Khan’s smuggling ring but never let foreign investigators question him.

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UAE seizes ship carrying secretly N Korean weapons to Iran

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The United Arab Emirates has seized a ship secretly carrying embargoed North Korean arms to Iran, say diplomats.

…A UN diplomat whose country is represented on the sanctions committee said the UAE reported the ship was carrying 10 containers of weapons and related items, including rocket-propelled grenades and ammunition. He said the consignment had been ordered by Iran’s TSS, a company said to be linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and previously subject to international bans on importing weapons-related items.

The vessel, identified by diplomats as the Bahamian-flagged ANL-Australia, has been allowed to leave the UAE after being seized some weeks ago. Diplomats said it was the UAE’s responsibility to dispose of the cargo of weapons found on board. The UN sanctions committee has written to the Iranian and North Korean governments pointing out that the shipment puts them in violation of UN resolution 1874.