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AQ claims Prince Nayef’s attack

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Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Al-Qaeda claims Saudi prince attack

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister and the man who heads the kingdom’s crackdown on the group.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group’s Saudi arm, claimed responsibility on Friday in a message posted on internet forums monitored by the Site Intelligence Group.


The attack demonstrates the ongoing threat of terrorism in the kingdom,” said Christopher Boucek, an expert on militant groups at the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “Had the attack killed or seriously wounded Prince Mohammed, it would have been a significant propaganda boost for al-Qaeda.”

Suicide bomber injures Saudi prince.


Suicide bomber injures Saudi prince

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Suicide Bomber Injures Saudi Prince –

A suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden inside his mobile phone on Friday in an attempt to assassinate the head of Saudi Arabia’s antiterrorism efforts, the official news agency reported from the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister who is widely credited with orchestrating a harsh crackdown against Al Qaeda militants in the kingdom, was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. He was later shown on Saudi television meeting with the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah.