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Brazilian-French military cooperation

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Brazil to boost its military standing with strategic French partnership deal | World | Deutsche Welle | 08.09.2009

Political scientist Daniel Flemes, who is an expert for defence politics with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg, fears that the cooperation with France can cause problems for the cooperation with Latin American neighbors and lead to a regional arms race. “The fact that Brazil gains technological know-how out of partnerships outside of Latin America, could trigger an arms race on the continent and hinder defence cooperation with the neighbouring countries,” Flemes says.

He believes that Brazil not only wants to secure its regional predominance with the contract, but is also striving to become a super power.”The country is trying to stabilise its regional predominance, not only on an economical and political, but on a military level as well. Simultaneously it wishes to expand its influence as an emerging country internationally,” Flemes says.

But he also thinks Brazil’s ambitions are a natural development, as some of its neighbors are expanding their military strength as well. “Some neighboring countries are modernising their military infrastructure. Venezuela spent four billion euros in the last four or five years on arms imports from Russia. Also Chile has increased its defence budget over the past years. So Brazil doesn’t stand alone with its military investments. Over the past five years time the total amount of defence expenditure in South America has more than doubled,” say Flemes.

Acoording to Argentinian leftist newspaper, the responsible for this boost in military expenditure has to do with USA, that is, with Obama:

Brazilian Admiral Moura Neto explained that: the reactivation of the IVth US Fleet for the South Atlantic “was not politically neither diplomatically reported to Brazil”.

That, of course, is much more politically correct than blaming Chávez, isn’t it?


France releases suspects of threatening Sarkozy

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FRENCH police have released without charge 11 people arrested last week over death threats sent to President Nicolas Sarkozy in letters stuffed with bullets, sources close to the probe said.

A tobacconist and veteran of the French Foreign Legion from the southern Montpellier region was allowed to walk free today, two days after his arrest along with that of 10 others.

…Investigators believe the letters demanding a halt to France’s expulsion of illegal immigrants and the release from jail of a leader of the armed leftist group Action Directe, came from left-wing extremists.

Sarkozy, Merkel, Netanyahu warn of tougher sanctions against Iran

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Sarkozy threatens “severe” sanctions against Iran – WashingtonTV تلویزیون واشنگتن

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday warned Iran that it faced “severe” new sanctions if it continued its controversial nuclear program.

Speaking to French ambassadors in an annual foreign policy speech in Paris, Sarkozy also criticized Iranian leaders for their handling of protests following June’s disputed presidential election, reports The Press Association.

“These are the same leaders, in Iran, who tell us that the nuclear program is peaceful and that the elections were honest. Frankly, who believes them,” he said, according to The Press Association.

Merkel, Netanyahu Warn Iran of Sanctions in Nuclear Dispute –

Merkel, speaking at a joint news conference with Netanyahu in Berlin today, said the world is heading toward a September deadline for Iran to cooperate with demands to stop enriching uranium. Netanyahu called for the threat of “crippling sanctions” and Merkel said “we reject” a nuclear-armed Iran.