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Islamic summer camp against Al-Qaeda?

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Young men spray hoses in a car-washing contest and play pool. Children make paper crowns in an art class, while their parents have a picnic. Alongside the fun and games, Muslim clerics answer questions about jihad or give lectures about the proper dress for women.

This is Islamic summer camp, and it’s part of Saudi Arabia’s campaign to eliminate al-Qaida.Saudi Arabia says it’s waging a “war of minds” against extremist ideology, alongside the fierce security crackdown that has killed or arrested many al-Qaida leaders over the past six years.

…”It is … essentially about obedience, loyalty and recognition of authority,” said Christopher Boucek, an associate at Washington’s Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who has studied the camp programs. “That is what is stressed over and over again in these programs: Loyalty to the state and recognition that there are certain correct and qualified sources to follow.”

This ounds more as a basis for dictatorship than as a disqualification of Al-Qaeda’s ideology.


Attacked Saudi prince is now more resolved to fight terror

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Attack has increased my resolve to fight terror: Prince Muhammad

Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs Prince Muhammad bin Naif, who escaped an assassination attempt on Thursday night, said on Friday he was more determined than ever to pursue the Kingdom’s campaign against terrorism. He is largely credited with the Kingdom’s aggressive anti-terrorism efforts.

Interesting quote, isn’t it?

AQ claims Prince Nayef’s attack.
Suicide bomber injures Saudi Prince.

AQ claims Prince Nayef’s attack

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Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Al-Qaeda claims Saudi prince attack

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister and the man who heads the kingdom’s crackdown on the group.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group’s Saudi arm, claimed responsibility on Friday in a message posted on internet forums monitored by the Site Intelligence Group.


The attack demonstrates the ongoing threat of terrorism in the kingdom,” said Christopher Boucek, an expert on militant groups at the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “Had the attack killed or seriously wounded Prince Mohammed, it would have been a significant propaganda boost for al-Qaeda.”

Suicide bomber injures Saudi prince.

2,384 imprisoned in India on terror charges: Govt

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108 foreign terrorists held in Kashmir are in Indian jails

There are 108 foreign militants – 97 Pakistanis, nine Afghans and one each from Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh – lodged in various Indian jails after their arrest in Jammu and Kashmir on terrorism related charges, according to the state’s home department.

Contradictory to separatist leaders’ claims that 6,200 people arrested on militancy related charges are in prisons within and outside Jammu and Kashmir, the government says that a total of 2,384 people are imprisoned in the state for terror charges while 65 are jailed outside the state for similar reasons.

Saudi Arabia’s new terrorists: middle aged, cultivated men

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Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Who is Developing it and Who Can Explain it? Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

However, in my opinion, the most important issue that the statement tried to highlight was that those suspects did not only encourage and support [terrorism] but are in a more advanced stage of violent activity by religious groups; a stage in which there is experience and high-level qualifications. Some of them work as lecturers, some are established employees and others are businessmen. In other words, they are unlike the zealous young people who we used to watch read out their wills just before embarking on suicide operations – young people overwhelmed by religious zeal who would brandish their machine guns or hand grenades with passion.

The significance of all of this is the invalidation of the belief that terrorism is merely an expression of the frustration of deprived and poor young people. Even though this belief is not completely erroneous or far removed from the truth, this link, between terrorism and poverty and political despotism, is incorrect and misleading when presented as the perfect explanation for the existence of terrorism in Islamic societies.

….The aim of all this is to show that after discovering a group of 44 academics and middle-aged men in Saudi Arabia accused of supporting and funding terrorism, we are actually facing another fundamentalist group in Saudi Arabia that is far smarter in its approach than the previous youth of Al Qaeda. It is the middle-aged and old men who are now playing, not the youngsters.

Suicide bomber injures Saudi prince

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Suicide Bomber Injures Saudi Prince –

A suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden inside his mobile phone on Friday in an attempt to assassinate the head of Saudi Arabia’s antiterrorism efforts, the official news agency reported from the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister who is widely credited with orchestrating a harsh crackdown against Al Qaeda militants in the kingdom, was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. He was later shown on Saudi television meeting with the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah.