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Somalia Based Al-Qaeda Tried To Assassinate Ma Hillary Clinton in Kenya

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A group of terrorists operating from Somalia had planned three bomb attacks in Nairobi during the visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month, the Sunday Nation can reveal.

A senior counter-terrorism official has recounted how the terrorists planned to stage simultaneous attacks at the Hotel InterContinental, the Kencom Bus Stage and the adjacent Hilton Hotel. Mrs Clinton stayed at the Hotel InterContinental during her visit.

The plan was hatched in Somalia and thwarted by Kenyan security officials who intercepted communication between the plotters and their accomplices in Nairobi.


Terrorist funding and recruiting increasing in Nairobi’s “Little Mogadishu

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» Nairobi Becoming ‘Hub’ for Somali Islamist Jihadis

No one ever said “Little Mogadishu” was paradise, but now the sprawling neighborhood has become a hub of financing and recruiting for militant Islamists waging holy war in neighboring Somalia, according to residents, security analysts, and diplomats.

“Those who kill people in Somalia are also here – scattered all over the place,” says an elderly Sufi Muslim sheikh matter-of-factly. “This is the hotspot of the Somali fundamentalism…. They are recruiting right here in Nairobi.”

In the latest chapter in a civil war that has raged since 1991, Somalia’s radical insurgents this week rejected the Western-backed transitional government’s call for a cease-fire during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Among Somalis worldwide, jihadists seek recruits.

Alleged Australian terrorists linked to Al-Shabab wanted to do something “big, monstrous”

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Alleged conspirators in a terror plot to attack an Australian army base hated non-Muslims and described their planned suicide mission as a “great, monstrous thing,” a court heard Tuesday.

Phone calls between the men and with an Islamic cleric in Somalia that were intercepted by police show the suspects thought they could kill up to 10 soldiers in about 20 minutes before being killed themselves in the attack, according to police records presented to the court.

Australian Federal Police agent David Kinton told the court on Tuesday that phone intercepts revealed a common theme of conversations held by one of the suspects, Saney Edow Aweys, was “hatred towards Australia and Australian people and anyone who doesn’t follow Islam.

French security agent kidnapped in Somalia, freed

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A French security agent kidnapped by insurgents in Somalia last month was a free man Wednesday and under protection at the presidential palace, officials said.

There were conflicting reports over whether the man escaped or was released and whether he had killed three of his captors. The fate of another French security agent kidnapped with him was not immediately clear.