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Pakistani army bombs Taliban’s suicide camp (U)

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Al Jazeera English – CENTRAL/S. ASIA – Pakistan army ‘hits suicide camp’

Pakistani helicopter gunships have destroyed a suspected training camp in the northwest of the country, according to an army statement.

At least six Taliban fighters were killed in the attack near the town of Charbagh in the Swat district of North West Frontier Province, officials said on Saturday.

Several other people were reportedly injured as the camp on a small island on the Swat river was bombarded.

(U): Pakistan: no military campaign against the Taliban:

The Pakistani military has choked off main roads leading out of South Waziristan, and the country’s fighter jets have been pounding targets from the air (an operation Islamabad insists it will continue). But that falls short of the military campaign the U.S. desires. Instead, Pakistani authorities are hoping to exploit divisions within the TTP to prize away some factions, while counting on the CIA’s drones to take out Baitullah’s successors. (See pictures of refugees fleeing the fighting in Pakistan’s Swat Valley.)

U.S. counterterrorism officials worry that a failure to capitalize on the post-Baitullah confusion within the TTP will allow its new leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, to consolidate his position and reorganize the group.

So, Pakistan is interested in Hakimullah reorganizing the group. What an “ally”.


AQ’s Al-Zawahiri urges support to “Pakistan Jihad”

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AFP: Zawahiri urges support in Pak tribal areas: SITE

Al-Qaeda’s number two Ayman Zawahiri called Thursday on Pakistanis to support jihadists in the country’s tribal areas, saying it was “the” battle against the American “crusaders,” said the US-based SITE Intelligence group.

Zawahiri’s comments were delivered in a video called “Path of Doom” posted on jihadist websites and monitored by SITE, a private group that follows jihadist activities on the Internet.

“The war in the tribal areas and Swat is an inseparable part of the Crusaders’ assault on the Muslims the length and breadth of the Islamic world,” Zawahiri was quoted as saying.

“This is the battle, briefly and plainly; and this is why anyone who supports the Americans and Pakistan Army — under any pretext, ploy or lie — is in fact standing with, backing and supporting the Crusaders against Islam and Muslims,” he said.