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FARC wants UNASUR/ALBA to recognise them as a “belligerent force”

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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has written a letter to the Union of South American States (UNASUR), asking to be recognized as a belligerent force and not a terrorist organization.

In an open letter published on the Venezuelan state radio station, Mundial, the FARC starts by saying it is a “political-military organization covered by the universal right that legitimizes armed rebellion against tyrannical ignominious regimes.” The letter maintains that Colombia suffers the most cruel and prolonged internal conflict in South American history, something that President Alvaro Uribe denies since his government receives most US military aid in the region and 6.5% of the GDP goes to the war effort.

Something which would be entirely apporpriate for Chávez who has funded Farc for years, as Interpol has denounced.

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Uribe at UNASUR points to terrorism and drug trafficking as key subjects

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Uribe: Unasur cannot ignore the effects of terrorism and drug traffic – Daily News – EL UNIVERSAL

Terrorism, arms traffic and drug traffic cause serious troubles in South America, which “cannot be ignored,” and require governments to join efforts, said Colombian President Álvaro Uribe prior to the opening of the Unasur summit in Bariloche, Argentina.

“Arms traffic, drug traffic, which is ultimately the largest means of support of terrorism, form part of the security projects that cannot be disregarded within integration processes,” Uribe told Colombian journalists in Bariloche, on Thursday night, Efe reported.

…Uribe insisted on saying that violence in his country has particularly hit the poorest. They are “most affected by displacing and have been most affected by increasing poverty in the country as a result of violence.”