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FBI discovers AQ plot in Denver

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The FBI thinks it has uncovered a cross-state terror cell with Al-Qaeda links in Denver. Arrests were made in the case in New York. Apparently the suspect drove cross-country to Queens, New York with documents and bomb making plans. He allegedly met with some nefarious characters in New York. The FBI citing wiretaps, decided it was time to move in on the suspects.

Najibullah Zazi, 24, known as ‘Naji’ in his mosque, hails from eastern Afghanistan and is currently residing in Aurora. Apparently he remains under surveilance by FBI operatives, though he maintains his innocence. Fellow mosque members say that Zazi was apolitical and a devout Muslim.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security this week issued tips to ‘authorities’ nationwide for indicators of homemade bomb-makers using Hydorgen Peroxide-based explosives and warning them to be on the look-out for foul odors, people with chemical burns, and industrial sized fans. The warning coincided with the arrests and seizures in New York.

FBI says al-Qaeda cell in Denver

The accused, Zazi, has denied having something to do with AQ. Anyway, FBI has announced he was arrested when he allegedly was going to meet some more terrorists freedom fighters.

Experts consider that NYC underground is still very vulnerable to terrorist attacks.


Brazilian-French military cooperation

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Brazil to boost its military standing with strategic French partnership deal | World | Deutsche Welle | 08.09.2009

Political scientist Daniel Flemes, who is an expert for defence politics with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg, fears that the cooperation with France can cause problems for the cooperation with Latin American neighbors and lead to a regional arms race. “The fact that Brazil gains technological know-how out of partnerships outside of Latin America, could trigger an arms race on the continent and hinder defence cooperation with the neighbouring countries,” Flemes says.

He believes that Brazil not only wants to secure its regional predominance with the contract, but is also striving to become a super power.”The country is trying to stabilise its regional predominance, not only on an economical and political, but on a military level as well. Simultaneously it wishes to expand its influence as an emerging country internationally,” Flemes says.

But he also thinks Brazil’s ambitions are a natural development, as some of its neighbors are expanding their military strength as well. “Some neighboring countries are modernising their military infrastructure. Venezuela spent four billion euros in the last four or five years on arms imports from Russia. Also Chile has increased its defence budget over the past years. So Brazil doesn’t stand alone with its military investments. Over the past five years time the total amount of defence expenditure in South America has more than doubled,” say Flemes.

Acoording to Argentinian leftist newspaper, the responsible for this boost in military expenditure has to do with USA, that is, with Obama:

Brazilian Admiral Moura Neto explained that: the reactivation of the IVth US Fleet for the South Atlantic “was not politically neither diplomatically reported to Brazil”.

That, of course, is much more politically correct than blaming Chávez, isn’t it?

Somalia Based Al-Qaeda Tried To Assassinate Ma Hillary Clinton in Kenya

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A group of terrorists operating from Somalia had planned three bomb attacks in Nairobi during the visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month, the Sunday Nation can reveal.

A senior counter-terrorism official has recounted how the terrorists planned to stage simultaneous attacks at the Hotel InterContinental, the Kencom Bus Stage and the adjacent Hilton Hotel. Mrs Clinton stayed at the Hotel InterContinental during her visit.

The plan was hatched in Somalia and thwarted by Kenyan security officials who intercepted communication between the plotters and their accomplices in Nairobi.

Van Jones, the “Green Jobs” former Czar, on AQ in 1998

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all (demonstrations) included a large dose of cynicism about President Clinton’s motives for ordering the cruise missile attacks at a reputed chemical weapons manufacturing facility in Sudan and what was described as a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

This is using dead Third World bodies to cover up his own unzipped pants,” declared Van Jones, director of Bay Area PoliceWatch, an organization that until now has focused on alleged misconduct by law enforcement officers. Jones spoke at a demonstration at Powell and Market streets in San Francisco that drew 400 people, according to police estimates.

via Van Jones Defended Al Qaeda In 1998 | Sweetness & Light.

Van Jones resigned today after being generally known that he considered 9/11 as “an inside job”. Of course, he blames it on a “vicious smear campaign on him“.

Van Jones Helpfully Explains Al Qaeda, Clinton.

Belgium accepts GITMO detainee

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Belgium officials say they have agreed to accept a U.S. Guantanamo Bay terrorism detainee who has been cleared by U.S. courts.

A statement Friday from the Belgium Foreign Ministry didn’t reveal the detainee’s identity or specify his nationality, nor did it detail a timeline for the transfer, The Miami Herald reported.

On Kabul guards

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I feel like it might be hard for the military to replace guards with contractors if they need other guards to make the sure the contractors aren’t getting drunk and naked.

Referring to this.

The allegations about the guards’ behavior were reported by the watchdog group Project On Government Oversight.

The group sent a letter Tuesday to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and briefed reporters on its findings, which it said were based on e-mails and interviews with more than a dozen guards who had worked at the U.S. compound in the Afghan capital.

…POGO says two weeks ago it began receiving whistleblower-style e-mails, some with graphic images and videos, that are said to document problems taking place at a non-military camp for the guards near the U.S. diplomatic compound in Kabul.

3 Fort Lewis soldiers die in Afghanistan

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Three Fort Lewis soldiers were killed Monday in Afghanistan, and a total of nine have been killed in two weeks.All are members of the 5th Stryker brigade that deployed in July.

A 20-year-old from Cumberland, Maine, Pfc. Jordan Brochu, and a 19-year-old from Yorba Linda, Calif., Spc. Jonathan D. Welch, were killed by one roadside bomb, and a 21-year-old from Shasta, Calif., Spc. Tyler R. Walshe, was killed by a separate bomb.

An Spanish sergeant was also lightly wounded today while they were fighting Talibans in Qala i Naw.